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Insights by bizqit features a collection of articles, tips, research and other insights, including: Career Advice, Cultural Commentary, Data + Research, and Inquiries.

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bizqit Company is a digital resource hub that empowers diverse professionals through easy access to educational, informational and motivational tools and resources that help them to navigate their lives from their cultural lens.

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A Suite of Resource Platforms

With a focus on women, African Americans, Latinx Americans, and Native Americans, our suite of resource platforms aims to bridge the gap between you and the resources that you need to navigate your ideal professional lifestyle that doesn’t leave your culture behind.

Easy Access

To cut through barriers like inadequate funding, lack of support and unequal opportunity, we’re building free and low-cost platforms with resources by, for and/or beneficial to culturally diverse professionals.

Village Made

From professional organizations to health + wellness spaces, we leverage the skills, experiences and wisdom of diverse communities to keep you from feeling “lost at sea.”

Go-to Resource Hub

We’ll count on research, partnerships with resource providers, and most importantly, you, to help us curate content that is proven to help you navigate your professional journey.

A Queen City Startup

bizqit Co. (formerly curativ) is a digital media startup based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Once a “lone ranger” as an African-American woman in graphic design, founder Ariana Farquharson started a company that allows diverse professionals to pursue their passions without compromising their cultures.

bizqit Co. Resources
  • HBCU Digest
    HBCU Digest
  • Glassdoor
  • Kiss My Black Ads
    Kiss My Black Ads
  • Female Founders
    Female Founders
  • Cross Culture Ventures
    Cross Culture Ventures
  • Jopwell
  • General Assembly
    General Assembly
  • The Plug
    The Plug

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